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Who We Are

Welcome to our Online Pharmacy, where we bring healthcare right to your doorstep! Say goodbye to the hassle – we're here to provide pharmacy services that are convenient, direct, and absolutely free.

Got questions? Our team includes Registered Pharmacists and dispensing experts who are here to assist you with all your healthcare requirements. Feel free to reach out and ask us anything!

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We Have Been Registered

In order to provide services in Great Britain, our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are required to be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPHC). This registration ensures that they have fulfilled the necessary requirements, standards, and principles. Rest assured, our pharmacists have successfully met these criteria.

It's important to note that all types of pharmacies, including community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, and online pharmacies, must also demonstrate their compliance with the General Pharmaceutical Council's regulations.

For a deeper understanding of the guiding principles, please visit the General Pharmaceutical Council's website. They have comprehensive information available to provide you with more insights.

Check Registration

How To Check Registration Status

It is important you obtain your medication from reputable pharmacies which are registered with NHS and GPHC. To check the registration status of pharmacy and superinterdent.

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Queries & Outreach

Your Every Day Pharmacy Related Queries And Outreach

At, we've dedicated a special section to assist you with your everyday pharmacy questions. Whether you're wondering about the proper disposal of unwanted medications, need information on emergency supplies, or want to understand how to obtain an NHS exemption, we're here to help.
Explore the guidance and information we've provided below – we've carefully curated resources we believe will be incredibly useful to you. Feel free to browse and find the answers you're looking for.



At, we always find ways to help support our customers and patients. Below is few everyday questions for you to consider and one of our dedicated team members will be intouch with healthcare resources and information to support you.

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Ask A Pharmacist
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Like walking into your local pharmacy, you can ask one of our inhouse pharmacist a question and we will reply personally as soon as we can.