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ChickenPox Vaccination

For parents or guardians bringing a child in for treatment, please ensure you have a valid photo ID to confirm your legal guardianship. Failure to provide the required documentation may impact our ability to administer the necessary service on the scheduled day. If you need more information, please reach out to our booking line team at [email protected] for guidance.

Course Details: The vaccine consists of a two-dose regimen.

Booster Information: Once you have completed the two-dose course, additional boosters will not be required.

Administration Method: The vaccine is typically administered via an injection in the upper arm.

Possible Side Effects: The vaccine may lead to mild side effects, such as fever, fatigue, or digestive issues. In some instances, it may result in a mild rash resembling chickenpox.

Age Restrictions: This chickenpox vaccine is suitable for individuals aged 9 months to 65 years, provided they have not previously had chickenpox.

Important Note: Pregnant women and those actively trying to conceive are not eligible for this vaccine. If receiving the chickenpox vaccination, it should be administered on the same day as the MMR jab or separated by at least a 4-week interval between vaccinations.