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Rules For Online Pharmacy

All known as DSP (Distant Selling Pharmacy)

Letterboxpharmacy.com (XRP Health Ltd) is a distant selling pharmacy (DSP) also known as online pharmacy. This means there are certain procedure and operation elements which needs to be followed, such as patients are not to visit the pharmacy to receive essential pharmaceutical services such as returning unwanted medication or collecting dispensed medication from the pharmacy premises.

Don’t worry, this will not hinder you receiving the best pharmaceutical care. We are available over the phone or online. Just pickup the phone or fill in ‘ask pharmacist’ section in the home page to reach out to our pharmacist team.

We are registered with the general pharmaceutical council (gphc) which means our pharmacist and the premises from which we dispense from is all registered. There are guidance gov. Uk website. The National Health Service (Pharmaceutical And Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013 (Legislation.Gov.Uk)

For more information on the services, how and what we provide as a business, please have a look at our practice leaflet and terms and conditions. Links can be found from the home page.