How To Register Exemptions From NHS Charges

NHS Certificate:

A medical exemption certificate entitles you to free NHS prescription. The NHSBSA list medical conditions / ailments which may entitle you NHS exemption. Check the section who is entitled to get more information: use the following link: medical exemption certificates | NHSBSA.

If you believe you are entitled to a certificate because of your medical condition, speak to your GP or doctor who will give you an application form to apply for exemption.

Remember if you are under 16 or over 60, we will automatically apply the exemption. We may contact you directly to confirm when we receive your prescription.

Note: claiming prescriptions after your exemption expires, this may result in a penalty charge of up to £100.

Checking If You Have An Exemption From Paying NHS Cost:

To check if you have an exemption from paying NHS costs, the best place to look is the NHSBSA website. Use the following link: check if you have an exemption from paying NHS costs - NHSBSA

Not Exempt – Prepayment Certificate:

If you are not exempt from NHS prescriptions charges and you do pay for your medication. You may consider purchasing a prepayment certificate (PPCS). Please visit the following links to see if this scheme is suitable for you: NHS prescription prepayment certificates (PPCS) | NHSBSA.

How To Send Proof Of Exemption To The Pharmacy:

If you are under 16 or over 60, we will apply the exemption automatically. All other exemptions, you will be requested to input exemption when registering for eps. Where the exemption is unclear, one of our pharmacy team members will ring / email you to clarify your exemption status, requesting details of your exemption type, certificate number and expiry date.

For further information and or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.